C.A.Norman Limited, (Ghana)
C.A.Norman Limited, (Ghana)

Coalition for Infrastructure development & Capacity building in African Nations    (C.I.- CAN)

C.I. - CAN was founded on the idea of helping to provide much needed Infrastructure Development in Sub Saharan African countries.  We see this as a primary means for stimulating ECONOMIC GROWTH, Job Creation and Poverty Eradication in sub-Saharan African villages and underserved communities here in the U.S. 


Infrastructure development, and access, are the keys to unlocking the abundant natural resources found in many of the impoverished villages in Sub-Saharan Africa. Natural resources that when processed, or exported, can be the catalyst to generate; jobs, enhance skills, and income for Sub-Saharan Africa.  


However, when the requisite business connectivity is created and partnered with the right Small Business entity, positive Economic Growth can be realized in underserved communities here in the U.S. 


We consider this to be a true "Win/Win" opportunity for people in need on both sides of the Atlantic. 


Currently C.I.-CAN has two projects underway.  One is our Building Block Drive.  This effort is to solicit financial assistance for the purchase of 15,000 building blocks.  These blocks are required to aide in the construction of the Stadium View Vocational school in Ghana West Africa.  Blocks can be purchased for as little as $2.00. 


If you would like to make a much needed contribute to our Building Block Drive please go to:  www.gofundme.com/ns2br0


Our second project is the:

Ghana Emerging Market (G.E.M.) tour.  (please see an overview below.).  For more details, or to PARTICIPATE, please click on the "G.E.M. Tour" tab at the top of this page.


We at C.I.-CAN greatly appreciate your assistance and participation.  Remember:


No One Can Do EVERYTHING, but Everyone can do SOMETHING!!!





Ghana Emerging Markets (G.E.M.) tour

Small Business Owners… As you know, the world is getting smaller every day.  In more and more cases, the key to business development and growth involves expanding into international markets.  Markets found in countries that offer affordable labor, abundant natural resources, government stability, and an easy methodology for doing business, whether in manufacturing or exporting of processed goods.


We have found that Ghana, West Africa offers all of the above plus a FAVORABLE CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE. Ghana’s exchange rate opens the door to business opportunities for U.S. businesses of all sizes.  Exposure to Ghana’s emerging small enterprise markets is the primary purpose of our tour. 


Our Ghana Emerging Markets (G.E.M.) Tour provides introductions and hands-on interactions with Ghana Businesses and Natural Resource opportunities with purveyors that are as anxious to have international connectivity with foreign businesses as are you.  We will also visit grass-root villages and sites where you will be able to identify opportunities unique to your business but perhaps outside of the mainstream.  Our tour will expose you to business opportunities in areas of:


  • Land Development & Construction
  • Land Acquisition (Commercial & Residential)
  • Precious Mineral Markets
  • Education and Apprenticeships
  • Agricultural Business
  • Traditional Culture (Drumming, Dancing, African Clothing, Wood Carving, and other products)


This is your opportunity to be a part of these markets... 

Hope to see you on the next Ghana Emerging Markets (G.E.M.) Tour!!!





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