C.A.Norman Limited, (Ghana)
C.A.Norman Limited, (Ghana)

Stadium View Estates Master Planned Community (Prampram, Ghana)

Executive Summary




The Stadium View Estates project is a Mixed-Use, Master Planned community located in the Miotso village, in the town of Prampram, in Ghana, West Africa.   The total project is comprised of a; 200,000 sq.ft. Strip Commercial Plaza, a Residential component comprised of housing for all income levels, and Educational Complex.   


The Managing General Partner, The C.A.Norman Group Inc. and its sister company C.A.Norman Limited (Ghana) have been consulting in land and business development in Ghana (West Africa) since 1998.   The company with its (Ghanaian) professional staff of Architects, Engineers, Draftsmen and Construction staff is well-positioned to move this project to its successful conclusion.  


Furthermore, the company is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship in all areas of design, construction, and sales at its disposal.  To achieve this we will incorporate a mixture of local Ghanaian construction methods intertwined with technologies of American Construction, Construction Managers, and Project Managers.  This will assure that we get the desired facility built structurally correct and the financial benefit of using a Ghanaian labor force. 


All in all, the Stadium View Estates project provides a viable business strategy that will serve as the prototype for uniting Sub-Saharan African resources (land in this case) with American technology and financial strength.  This grass-roots partnership will provide economic growth and positive financial returns on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  A true WIN, WIN situation!!! 


Stadium View Estates Master Planned Community Project


(Custom Lots - shown in YELLOW )


Stadium View Estates Custom Lot Sales (Prampram, Ghana)


Stadium View Estates Vacant Land Sale Options (Prampram, Ghana)





  1. Plot Identification (1 – 12): _______________


  1.  PRICE:  42,000/ 45,000/ 50,000 GHC: _____________


  1. OPTION Selected (Read Options Below): _______________________





  1. Deposit:  One half of Purchase Price at time of agreement
  2. When Completed Indenture is delivered: Half of the remaining balance is due
  3. When Yellow Card is complete: REMAINING BALANCE is due
  4. Estimated time frame to completion:  (2 Months from deposit)


OPTION 2 (6 Month Payment Plan):   SALES PRICE 45,000 GHC

  1. DEPOSIT:  One Half of Purchase Price
  2. Payment when Completed Indenture is delivered: Maximum (3) months from deposit date.
  3. Final Payment with Completed Yellow Card:  Maximum (3) months from Indenture
  4. A 7% discount for full payment within (60) days
  5. Maximum Time frame to completion: (6 months from deposit)


OPTION 3 (one year payment plan):   SALES PRICE 50,000 GHC

  1. DEPOSIT:  One Half of Purchase Price
  2.  Indenture is prepared (Copy Delivered)
  3. Yellow Card is delivered with FINAL PAYMENT.
  4. A 10% discount for full payment within (6) months. 
  5. Maximum time frame to completion: (1- year from Deposit.)


*Prices are subjected to change without further notice.




  1. ALL Deposits and Payments are to be made to:


C.A.Norman LimitedECOBANKGhana Ltd.ACCT.# 1101292420115


The deposit receipt must then be scanned, emailed, or brought, to this office before processing will begin.(CASH “deposits” will not be accepted in this office.)


  1. Payment in FULL of any balance will be accepted at any time with all options.


  1.  Installment payments, Scheduled or Not, will be accepted.


  1. Automatic “Bank-to-Bank” deductions will be accepted.



•          Deposit is non-refundable after (5) days.

•          If any payment options are not fulfilled within the stipulated time frame, ALL monies paid are forfeited in favor of the company.


PLOT RESERVATIONS:   A plot can be reserved for two (2) weeks with a cash payment of FIVE THOUSAND CEDES (5,000 GHC).  Paying this fee holds the designated plot exclusively for the two week period.    This fee is non-refundable but is deducted from the deposit when made within the two week reservation period. 




  1. A Survey will be done and Plot Plan prepared on behalf of NEW BUYER plot by the SVE Registered Surveyor (Cost to be paid by SVE).
  2. After Yellow Card, “New Owner” will be responsible for next steps to land Certification if desired.  (SVE Surveyor is prepared to assist you with this process.)  
  3.  Transfer of land in any way CANNOT be made until full payment has been received from “INITIAL BUYER”.



  1. Half-Plots are not permitted
  2. All home designs must be a minimum of 2,000 square feet.
  3. All homes designs must be NO MORE THAN (2) stories above ground level, or (36) feet in height.  
  4. All home designs must be within the “Building Envelope” created after adherence to a minimum (5) foot side-yard setback on each side, (10) foot front yard setback, a minimum (15) foot rear yard setback.
  5. All home designs must be reviewed and approved by “SVE Design Team” BEFORE submission to District Assembly.
  6. All home designs must be approved and PERMITTED through District Assembly before START of construction.
  7. A copy of the final building Permit must be given to SVE administration BEFORE start of construction. 
  8. Construction to lintel level must be completed within (3) years (36 months) from date of “Building Permit”.
  9. No boarding, or killing, of Livestock (Chicken, goats, sheep, pig, cow etc.) is permitted ANY WHERE within premises of SVE Estates.
  10.  No outdoor Businesses (drinking spot, provisions store, food selling, auto mechanic, etc.) may be established outside of designated commercial areas at any time.  Only “in-home” business activities will be allowed.  A “USE” permit for all business activities must be granted by SVE Administration.
  11.  Landscaping, upkeep, and maintenance of the (10) foot Front Yard setback is the responsibility of SVE Maintenance.  Landscaping, upkeep and maintenance of the rear and side yards is the responsibility of the home owner.
  12.  Trash Collection – Burning of trash is NOT permitted.  Trash collection and fees will be established by SVE Administration.  
  13.  All homeowners and guests will have access to all on-site recreational facilities during established working hours. (Pool, Tennis court, Gym, children play grounds, and picnic areas).       






  • A written contract, stating all rules and restrictions, will be provided for signature.  
  • A “new contract” must be transmitted to SVE Administration, and signed by “new buyer” any time a plot is re-sold.
  • A SIGNATURE from the “SVE Board Chairman” and the “new buyer” must be on the SVE Contract before any sale or transfer can be completed.
  • Should any of the aforementioned infractions occur; Penalties, Fees, and Forfeitures based on the severity of the infraction will be levied by the “SVE Administration Board”.












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SVE Board Chairman









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SVE Pledge


Stadium View Estates (SVE) is a Master Planned Community offering a quality living experience for home owners of all ages and nationalities.  The site is designed to offer   residential, recreation, education, and commercial facilities for the use and enjoyment of its inhabitants.

It is our pledge to you that we (Stadium View Estates Administrative Board) will do everything in our power to assure that your living experience at SVE is an enjoyable one and property values will experience growth and appreciation during the years you are with us…           







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